Tuesday, July 18, 2017

W463: 1994 Mercedes G350 TD Engine Swap Part 4 FIN

This is the final post on the truck, so prepare for a picture dump.

I don't have pics of the injection pump apart - like I said before, I need someone shadowing me with a camera when I'm doing some of the more in depth stuff. Regardless - here's a shot of the RIV tang. This is where I insert my lock tool to hold the pump as it's stabbed back into the block at roughly 15* ATDC. Fine tuning is done with my A/B light via this port. The pump was adjusted to 13*ATDC for a bit of advance. Coupled with the new injector nozzles at 135bar everything should wear into what is essentially factory spec. It's a tad louder than normal, but it'll quiet down over time... as long as fresh clean fuel is used and the truck is frequently driven.

Here's where the motor was with injection pump stabbed in, vacuum pump and other ancillaries installed. 

When I was interrupted by the 9 foot, 400lb skid containing what's essentially a G350 President rack. Nice rack.

Test assembly. Not a fan of a few pieces, some holes were slightly off kilter which I'm glad I found out about on the ground not on the truck.

Here it is on the truck.

Fast forward a couple days...

I have a habit of disassembling freshly done cylinder heads and lapping valves in myself. I've had a few cases of shit work (not with my machine shop) and I promised myself to never take a chance on someone getting ready to go home.

Because the engine that was in the G already was a factory reman - it has shaved numbers. Meaning this cylinder head was completely gone through by MB when assembling their new motor.
 Here it is pre - torque on the engine. 

and torque'd.

With the cam installed let's see where our timing markers are....

Here's TDC cyl #1

Notch on the cam lining up perfectly with the notch on the #1 cam tower. It's almost like I know what I'm doing.

She's looking like a complete motor again.

Manifold on - new studs at both front and rear with new copper nuts. 

Fast forward a couple days and the motor is in. 

Injectors and lines installed, running new vacuum lines

You may ask, why does it seem like there's a multimeter sitting by my light....

This truck had absolutely the most IDIOTIC and invasive alarm (with immobilizer...hint hint)

As a PSA to anyone who may be reading this - should you want to install an alarm and/or immobilizer on your Mercedes....stop it.

Luckily I'm not the one that was left doing the removal... I got my money's worth that Saturday night.

So with that out of the way:

She fired up after about 15 minutes of cranking. Usually I'll prime the system myself so it'll only take about 2 minutes of cranking - but I needed to see oil pressure before I let the thing take off on me.

Once it was running - I went through the A/C system, got it blowing nice and cold.

Surprise! All that oil that pumped itself through Cyl #1 now ended up on my shop floor.....

There she is, outside under her own power and left out in the rain to wash off any dust it might've accumulated.

There was so much oil in the exhaust the smoke was a steady blue smokescreen. I took it for a 150 mile run up to a spot on the lake and she cleared out nicely. Made for a couple sweet pictures and brought her back to the shop where I parked her up in the other building so I don't have to look at it until it got picked up.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

W463: 1994 Mercedes G350 TD Engine Swap Part 3

Moving along I started the disassembly process to get to the bottom of this particular engine's failure.

Here's my answer.

Catastrophic failure of the head gasket in the oil passage reinforcement area. This isn't all too uncommon on 603's, but this is absolutely the worst case scenario anyone could ever be faced with when it comes to these old rockets. It's a shame though, because if the owner had caught it a bit sooner, it most likely would have saved the engine. It was a headgasket away from staying with him.

Then came transferring over the oil pumps and oil splash trays. The G wagen is below - which is full length and the oil pump pick up is much deeper for the deeper pan.

Here's the standard 3.5L tray and sedan pick up.

The following are a few pictures of the reassembly process. Some of it, I suppose.

This is with the timing cover/water pump assembly installed. Mercedes does not use gaskets for the timing cover's. It's up to the individual doing the work to use whatever sealer they prefer. Myself? I use anaerobic sealers for just about everything on the engine. They allow for more expansion (think steel on aluminum) and are far less prone to leak down the road.

I'm also religiously against RTV. I hate seeing it, I hate cleaning it, I hate seeing it in oil pick up tubes because people run inch wide beads and figure the more comes out, the better the seal.

Engine got all new timing gear, It's one of those processes where if I had someone around me taking pictures it would be great. I can't stop halfway through something and snap a few photos.

To be continued! 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

W463: 1994 Mercedes 350GD Engine Swap Part 2

Alrighty!!! So this next installment of pictures will be the engine removal itself. I prefer to leave the transmission in the truck as it saves me time and it's less to deal with outside of the truck.  I'm also a bit slow with these blog posts as of late. I'm trying to find the time to sit down and post up these pictures, all this happened a bit earlier in the week in between some other work, so bare with me!

So with that, here we go:

Mercedes designs their engines fairly well and usually include pick up points for removal/install. The 603 is probably my favorite engine to remove because of how well balanced it is.

Engine comes up fairly straight - I'll have it balanced slightly to the rear so it'll slip straight off the trans without much hassle. 

Up and out - no casualties!

So looks like it's ready for that V12......

I've kicked out a few cars to make some room for the G - this 59 220SE wasn't happy to get picked up by the owner so I had to have it on a charge. I guess it wants to see through it's grandkid's heart transplant.

Shaved 20....you know what that means

Factory reman! Too bad this thing met an untimely demise. We'll see what the cause to it's failure was when I  take it apart tomorrow.

Here's some better pictures of what came out - guess it's sort of a before and after type deal.

Stay tuned...