Artisan is a brainchild started mid-October 2012 to give name to ideas and principles that interest me. It is a place for me to document my projects and ideas. From intense motorsport styles to the laid back and brutally luxurious ideals, call it a conflict of interest, I like them all. Artisan is an idea. Artisan is people.

As for myself, 

It primarily started with a ridiculous infatuation with Mercedes Benz cars. I live and breathe them. I know more about them then I should and I have had enough of them that I know each individual model's quirks. I specialize in Mercedes from 1975-2000, no matter if diesel or gasoline powered. I'll try to document a few of my endeavors through this blog, how good of a job I'll do is yet to be seen. 

Other than Mercedes, I do love to drift. My car of choice is the Datsun 280ZX that my father gave me when I graduated high school. I like to call it yellow misery. She's a well sorted personal masterpiece. Every single nut and bolt on this thing has been turned by me and I know every last detail about the entire car. It's a disease that I don't mind having.

Overall, you can be sure to find tons of posting about different Mercedes and Datsuns as well as general cool stuff here.

Atleast, cool to me.


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