Pre-Purchase Inspection Service (PPI) Chicago

Here I am giving the Chicago police a tour of the turbo Datsun

I'd like to extend my knowledge and expertise in Mercedes Benz and Datsun vehicles to those folks who are looking at purchasing one from the Chicagoland area for a small flat rate:

~~~   $65  ~~~

That $65 will have me go over the car with a fine toothed comb. I have a 78+ point inspection sheet where every square inch of the car will be gone over and any problem areas will be noted and a plethora of extra pictures will be taken for you and either emailed or posted in the blog for you! You'll also get an excel spreadsheet with all the details in regards to the car in question via PDF email or mailed to you. We all know sellers like to conveniently avoid problem areas with their car, so take the extra precaution in having a second pair of eyes looking over the car.

There are many places to look over on many old Mercedes and Datsuns, both marques have their own problems and my experience in buying, restoring, selling and enjoying them over the years has given me a rather particular eye in finding faults with either. From fluid leakage, to rust, to any aged suspension pieces and more, there are many places big and small to go over when taking a Mercedes or Datsun into consideration. Know exactly what you're getting into and save yourself money in the long run, you'll know what you're getting into and you'll have more room for negotiation. Knowledge is power!

Payment made via Paypal prior to inspection. Please email for additional details!